Addressing employee well-being is increasingly a top priority for organisations. A good well-being offering can reduce sickness and stress levels, while improving staff recruitment and retention, boosting productivity and allowing your business to become a more attractive employer.


In partnership with Seren Life Coaching, we hosted an employer and employee focus group workshop which gave an introduction on how to improve the well-being of your employees.

You will leave with a clear understanding of what ‘support’ could look like for you and your team(s) and how a well-being package can support a positive and healthy mindset amongst your employees.


"Michelle was a pioneer in putting Wales at the forefront of the community benefits movement in the UK.

She helped change the way housing organisations thought about and delivered their investment programmes forever. In short she played a key role inshifting away form simply investing in bricks and mortar to a longer term commitment to people and communities.

She is a true Can Do professional!"

Keith Edwards, United Housing

"From a recruitment perspective in our industry we get to hear the truth behind how the lack of knowledge around menopause has a negative impact on a candidates wellbeing, which results in many candidates leaving their longstanding successful careers and seeking alternative roles. 


Thank you bbutterfly, Michelle Smith, Sarah Morgan, Sarah Williams Equality Counts and Yanna Johnson for orchestrating a workshop around a topic that does need further awareness in the workplace."

Lorraine Jones, HR

"A fascinating Wellbeing Focus Group workshop today, led by @bbutterfly_uk

and Seren Life Coaching!

NewLink, Wales

Lovely to meet everyone. What a great workshop - so glad to be a part of it - Looking forward to series 2”

H. McLoughlin

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